Men. Do. Not. Belong. In. Women's. Prisons.

When I began advocating to keep males out of women's sports, I never imagined that I would have to say out loud that violent male sexual predators do not belong in women's prisons. I thought that it was obvious to everyone. I was wrong.

Maybe I am naive, or just too hopeful, but I genuinely believed we would not allow radical gender ideology into prisons. I never thought we would give violent male criminals free rein and unfettered access to vulnerable women, but in 2024 America, we do.

The inmates really do run the asylum.

In 2022, I heard reports of two female prisoners in New Jersey becoming pregnant while incarcerated. I first thought it must have been a male guard that impregnated them (in my mind, that or a conjugal visit was the only possibility). I was disgusted to learn the truth. New Jersey allows anyone that identifies as a woman to be housed with women, even if they still have male genitalia. While the prison systems are not perfect, and reports of abuse, sexual violence, and assaults have been occurring for years, subjecting women to forcibly cohabitate with violent and predatory men is the definition of cruel and unusual punishment.

Unfortunately for these prisoners, there is less public awareness and media attention on what happens inside prison walls. This clandestine exploitation of our penal system is a barbaric betrayal of basic human rights. How can our media hide the fact that these "inclusive" policies provide male sexual predators a mainstream avenue to further opportunities for rape and assault? Many of the women that are incarcerated are unable to contact lawyers or advocate for themselves, leaving them as helpless prey for sexually deranged men. Women in prisons need people on the outside to advocate for them.

One advocate I personally know is Amie Ichikawa, founder of Womaniiwoman, a female prison advocacy group. She has championed this issue and has shined as a voice for the voiceless. Amie, along with the storytelling team at Independent Women's Forum (IWF), started a documentary series to highlight the voices of the women that were forced to share prison cells with men, especially former California inmates.

In California, there are over 1,000 male inmates that identify as women and are being transferred to women's facilities. This number of female identifying inmates will continue to grow, so it is more important than ever that the public is aware of what is happening in our prison systems.

No woman, incarcerated or not, deserves to be in close quarters with violent men.

These radical policies are not limited to California. There are many additional states that are passing legislation to allow men in women's prisons, and are doing so in the shadows. Since the prisoners are unable to speak up for themselves, this is happening without public awareness.

For example, Connecticut, my home state, was the first state to allow inmates to be housed based on gender identity. This became policy 6 YEARS AGO, in 2018. My family, fellow residents, and I had no idea about this ruling, as it was done very quietly. They claim each inmate undergoes rigorous evaluations and that no one can simply identify as a woman and gain access to a women's facility. However, based on how quickly young children and adults are diagnosed with "gender dysphoria," it's clear this process will fail in keeping individuals with malicious intent out of women's prisons.

In general, you must "experience dysphoria" for 6 or more months to qualify for such a consideration, but we have seen evidence that this standard is often ignored. These policies are at best loosely implemented, and often provide a green light for violent criminals to get preferential treatment.

One thing is clear: Female prisoners will not be protected by these laws.

We have men in women's locker rooms, men in women's prisons, and men in female beauty pageants. Nothing is surprising anymore.

We are the laughingstock of the world and fail to understand basic human rights.

How is it controversial that women should be kept separate from depraved male sexual predators? We are wasting our time and energy fighting policies that make absolutely no sense, except to university professors and politicians that need brain transplants.

The next logical conclusion is that men's prisons should be shut down. After all, what violent criminal would pass on the golden opportunity to transfer to women's prisons?

This identity garbage must end.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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