If Donald Trump were president, Laken Riley would be alive today

There have been no marches for Laken Riley's death. There have been no riots. There has been no condemnation of her killer by the senior citizen supposedly leading this country.

Never mind the fact President Biden has posted 27 times about the death of George Floyd while remaining entirely silent about Laken. There were no breaking news reports or large featured articles from left-leaning mainstream media outlets about Laken's death. For crying out loud, The New York Times posted six stories about a dead owl on its front page in the 24 hours following her death, none about Riley.

If Laken Riley's death hits unusually close to home for you, that's because it should. Riley was a beautiful, 22-year-old nursing student who had no earthly inclination that she'd never return from her daily run on campus. Understand this could have happened to anyone. There were no prerequisites to her untimely death because there was seemingly no motive other than what the police chief described as a "crime of opportunity." Riley could have just as easily been your neighbor, your daughter, your sister, your friend, or anybody in your life that you see peacefully keeping to themselves.

Let it be known, Laken Riley wasn't killed by an "Athens resident," like the AP reported in their article blaming toxic masculinity for her death (how dare she feel safe running alone). Reading that article, you would have no idea she was actually killed by a previously convicted (and quickly released, of course) illegal alien from Venezuela.

In her future career as a nurse, she would have positively impacted countless lives, but that opportunity was taken from her. My heart broke when I read the statement released by Riley's family that highlighted how "her love for the Lord was exemplified in every aspect of her life." Just the kind of person our country needs, taken from this earth far too soon.

And if Donald Trump were still our president, Laken Riley would be alive today.

Riley's death was entirely preventable. Joe Biden, Secretary Mayorkas, and their Democrat colleagues have created and encouraged a dangerous situation at our border that will undoubtedly last for decades. We've got a front-row seat to the planned and controlled destruction of our nation at the hands of violent criminals being ushered across our border to secure votes for the party in power.

This isn't an episode of West Wing or 24. This is real life, with real lives at stake.

Joe Biden is set to visit the U.S.-Mexico border this week. Is this because he knows his immigration policies have contributed to one of the worst presidential approval ratings in history and a big election is around the corner? Will he keep gaslighting the American people by assuring us that the borders are secure as more senseless deaths, crime, and fentanyl successfully make it across the border? Will he finally see the harm, severity, and likelihood of these adverse consequences of lax policies and take accountability? Doubtful.

Riley's cold-blooded murder at the hands of an illegal immigrant is not a one-off. As long as our borders aren't secure, we can only expect these devastating instances to continue at an exponential rate.

But in the meantime, say her name.

Say all of their names ... Mollie Tibbetts. Lizbeth Medina. Kayla Hamilton. Laken Riley.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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