The way the Democrats and the media have covered the Laken Riley case is the most shameful thing I've ever seen

I am not exaggerating when I say that the way the media and Democrats have tried to sweep the cause of Laken Riley's death under the rug is the most shameful and embarrassing thing I've seen in my life.

Laken Riley was murdered last week, allegedly by an illegal alien from Venezuela who had been detained at the border, released into the US, arrested then released after a violent crime in New York, then made his way to the "sanctuary" city of Athens where he stalked and killed Laken Riley while she was jogging on a Georgia college campus.

Since then, the Fake News media and the Democrat Party have been working overtime to make you forget everything about this case.

Here's Democrat Rep. (and potential US senator) Katie Porter from California:

I think whenever we're dealing with violent crime there's a sense of outrage and sadness and of loss, but I think the important thing to focus on is any one instance shouldn't shape our overall immigration policy.

You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet, huh?

The Democrats have a border plan. If Laken Riley had to die so the Democrats could achieve their policy goal of replacing the current population with a new population of Democrat voters, then so be it.

I'm sure Katie Porter was also this level-headed when we burned down half the country because of George Floyd, right?

The callousness and open evil hostility of Katie Porter is only surpassed by the duplicity of the media.

Let me gather a smattering of headlines from the last few days that show just how evil our fake news media is.

The "dangers" of running outdoors!

I thought we weren't supposed to "victim blame," ABC. You're saying it's Laken's fault she was killed because she was jogging alone?

The AP did the same thing:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the liberal rag in Georgia, made complete butts of themselves as well.

"Athens man" was not an Athens man, but a Venezuelan man who just happened to be hanging out in a sanctuary city.

Also, the REAL story is that Republicans noticed:

CNN, also based in Atlanta, covered the story without mentioning the name of the victim or the fact that Laken was reportedly killed by an illegal with a rap sheet. PLUS, they used the story to segue into another story about the tragedy of a migrant center closing down.

But that's not the worst of CNN!

This is a direct quote from "real news" CNN:

Ibarra's status as an undocumented Venezuelan migrant is now being touted by several state and national GOP leaders to support their calls for tighter border security - though there is little evidence indicating a connection between immigration and crime.

Little evidence?

Maybe the evidence CNN is using doesn't say that. But there's not "little evidence."

These are just stories on our site from the first two months of 2024.

The link they claim doesn't exist between illegal immigration and crime? You have to remember that EVERY. SINGLE. CRIME. committed by an illegal immigrant is 100% preventable.

We are under no obligation to allow anyone, legally or illegally, into the country. We have laws specifically to prevent this - laws passed by American citizens for American citizens.

So every immigrant who commits a crime in the US is the responsibility of those who aren't enforcing the law.

If the illegals entered after 2020, like Laken Riley's killer, then Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the Democratic Party have that blood on their hands.

Oh, and pro-crime Democrats like Alvin Bragg as well:

No wonder they want to downplay it and change the story.

Don't let them.

Laken Riley would be alive today if Donald Trump were president.

Her death is the direct result of Democrat policies.

The establishment and its allies who would downplay the cause of her death are the enemies of the people.

Laken Riley.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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