They're actually blaming Hunter Biden's corruption on his "disease"

As Hunter stares down the squirt-gun barrel of a federal firearms trial in Delaware, the White House's communications department (i.e. the mainstream media) is running their latest counter-play.

They can't say it's Russian disinformation, and they can't convince the American people that Hunter Biden (a man who snorted Parmesan cheese) is the smartest person they know. So, what's the plan?

Blame his alleged criminal behavior on his "disease" of addiction.

Just a few points.

  1. Molly Jong-Fast and Hunter Biden may have the same "disease," but I'd like to know if her "disease" forced her to commit federal crimes under the protection of her daddy.

  2. If demonstrated drug use is an excuse for criminal behavior, then jails and prisons across the country should immediately be emptied under this Hunter Biden rule of innocent-while-high.

  3. This defense has less to do with the federal gun charges Hunter Biden will almost certainly be pardoned for, and far more to do with the allegations of corruption that have encircled the Biden empire for years.

If Hunter Biden's "disease" is allowed to be used as an excuse for breaking federal law, then it'll be used as an excuse to mask all of his other whoopsies in the past and the future.

Which is, of course, absurd. How many drug-addict convicts stumbled into Ukrainian gas company board positions after one-too-many lines of cocaine, or received exorbitant gifts from enemies of the state which corresponded in favorable policy, or sold meetings with the then-vice president of the United States?!

Honestly, at this point, I'd respect the Left far more if they stopped trying to lie to us in increasingly ridiculous ways and just admitted that they don't care about Hunter Biden or Joe Biden's scandals for one reason:

They're Democrats.

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