What the Democrats just did is horrifying ... yet helpful?

Amid all the trillion-dollar spending bill talk, it's been largely overlooked that the Nancy Pelosi-led House of Representatives passed historic legislation last week – a bill that would permit the intentional killing of all infants in the womb through all 9 months of pregnancy, up to the moment of birth.

It's truly difficult for me to surmise who would have been more euphoric at the galling news: the Planned Parenthood abortion cabal or Satan himself.

With as morally shocking as the vote was, it clarified some things that I believe can be beneficial for all of us moving forward.

First, Democrats have officially denounced their farcical claim popularized by Bill and Hillary Clinton to keep abortion "safe, legal, and rare." Parse that sentiment and judge for yourself. Do Democrats want the act legal? After fighting for nearly half a century to permit an abortionist to dismember unborn children despite lacking a medical license, not holding hospital admitting privileges, and maintaining facilities that fail even the most basic sanitary conditions, there can be little doubt Democrats want the act legal.

But safe? What kind of procedure can be deemed safe when 50% of the patients perish whenever it is performed correctly?

And as far as desiring abortion to be rare, when you pass a law to permit the offense for any reason, at any time, even permitting full-term, 8-pound babies to be disemboweled for convenience, isn't it fair to say you've pretty much given up the whole "rare" qualifier?

Second, these Democrats have now firmly planted their flag in the vapid soil of "life begins at the moment of birth." As scientifically idiotic as such a premise may be, they have no choice.

The only way you can say abortion isn't murder is if you pretend that what you're killing – that human being that science now tells us dreams, recoils at pain, reacts to the sound of her mother's voice, and even plays with a twin in utero – isn't a living human. That's always been irrational; if it's not a living human, what is it?

But now, things have gone from unscientific to a theater of the absurd, with grown men and women claiming that a split second before an 8-pound baby is born, he isn't a living human being, but becomes one a mere second later. That supposition may be where they've planted their flag, but let's just acknowledge it's a white flag of surrender on the progressive left's little cosplay of being "men and women of science."

Finally, let's agree there will be no more defending abortion on the basis of exceedingly rare cases like rape, incest, or the life of the mother. Thinking people have always understood those instances are introduced only because they are a useful debate tactic, obfuscating the issue and clouding the subject by injecting emotion.

No more. Not after this. When you justify the extermination of a healthy, full-term baby girl because the thought of caring for her causes a young mother anxiety – which is EXACTLY what this legislation would do – you don't get to hide behind the incest canard. From now on, it must be made clear: if you think it's moral to dismember a healthy baby girl at 8 months, defend that. Don't run and hide behind exceptional smokescreens.

The modern pro-life movement has successfully won this battle intellectually, morally, scientifically, medically, and philosophically. So much so, it has now forced the abortion crowd into showing its hand, revealing what they really believe.

To anyone with a functioning conscience, it's horrifying yet helpful.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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