2 million Australians forced into five-day "full lockdown" after single hotel security guard tests positive for COVID. And the arrests have already started.
· Feb 1, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Remember when we were told that all we needed to do was to "flatten the curve" so as to not overwhelm healthcare facilities?

I don't think we're supposed to remember.

The drastic measures come after a man in his twenties who worked as a security guard at the Sheraton Four Points, a hotel quarantine facility, tested positive for the coronavirus.

Why plunge 2 million people into lockdown for one case, at a quarantine facility no less, where such a transmission would have to be considered relatively likely, particularly when there are other active cases in the region?

Because we have some new variants, or "strains" that we need to go into complete hysterical meltdowns over which coincidentally permits authorities to once again wield unchecked power over citizens.

Of the four active cases at the hotel while the man was on shift, two were carrying the United Kingdom strain and one the South African strain of the virus, which are believed to be more contagious than other variants.

Just as an aside, it remains 100% xenophobic and racist to call a virus that originated in China, the "China virus," but totally not xenophobic or racist to refer to new strains by their place of origin.

Everyone knows that, common practice, has been for days.

It is not known what strain the security guard has, he could very well have the original strain, of which there are 12 active cases in the region.

However, when dealing with matters of public health, it's always best to err on the side of capricious authoritarianism.

Speaking of which, the cops nabbed their first perp.

The 41-year-old man was caught totally face-naked OUTSIDE HIS HOME without a mask.

Can you imagine? What was he thinking?

After informed of his reckless behavior and offered a mask, the man still refused to wear one and so was taken into custody and denied bail.

You can't let a guy like that run around. There are children! Well, not now, they're all locked in their homes, but they could look out their windows which I understand is still permitted.

For now.

Speaking of which, here is a rundown of the five-day lockdown rules that I'm sure won't be extended:

People in the Perth metropolitan area, as well as the Peel and South West regions, will not be allowed to leave their home for anything other than buying essential supplies, attending health-related appointments, exercising within their neighbourhood or going to work if they cannot work remotely.

They will be required to wear a mask at all times – including employees who have to work indoors at their workplace – and won't be allowed to have any visitors at home unless they are caring for a vulnerable person or it's an emergency.

Bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms, playgrounds, cinemas, libraries and other entertainment venues will close to the public for the duration of the lockdown but restaurants and cafes will still be able to serve takeaway food.

People won't be able to visit family at hospitals, aged care homes and other facilities such as disability centres unless under extraordinary circumstances.

The summer school holidays will also effectively be extended for another week at the affected areas, with all students told to stay home until at least next Monday.

Funerals will also be restricted to 10 attendees and all weddings will be cancelled until Friday.

Part of the Q&A included was telling:

What are we allowed to do?

People in the lockdown areas who are not essential workers can't leave their home for anything other than medical appointments or to buy essential supplies.

While people are not allowed to visit family or friends, go to the gym or go to entertainment venues, they are still able to order takeaway food, go to the shops and exercise outdoors with one additional person within the boundaries of their neighbourhood.

"What are we allowed to do?"

Interesting phrasing.

Chaos reigned at a popular vacation island (it is currently summer in Australia) as people were told over loudspeakers to vacate as quickly as possible. Visitors had to empty refrigerators of the week's food they had already stocked and scramble for a spot on the overburdened ferries as if there were a tsunami coming or possibly a Silverchair reunion.

Fortunately, this is all happening in Australia, literally on the other side of the world.

It surely could never happen here.

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