How do we get off this ride? Biden health advisor says with the new coronavirus strains on the way they're probably going to force restaurants to close again.
· · Feb 1, 2021 ·

I've been warning my conservative friends for a few months now to watch out for the Biden lockdowns. But the only response I ever got was, "yeah right, once Biden's in office Covid's over, you watch." I still believe the lockdowns are coming.

And it looks like a top Biden health advisor does too.

Here is Michael Osterholm, who sits on Biden's COVID-19 Advisory Board, taking questions yesterday on "Meet the Press":

A few important things here:

  1. Osterholm believes the UK variant (B.1.1.7.) will become the "dominant strain" and we should be on the lookout for it. He compares the strain to a category 5 hurricane which is slowly approaching. Osterholm says the B.1.1.7. Strain causes "much more serious illness" and is likely to overwhelm our healthcare system because it has been shown (in the UK) to hospitalize around twice as many folks as earlier strains.
  2. Osterholm is "very concerned about the [strains] from South Africa and Brazil that may in fact lead to evasion of the immune protection from either natural disease or from vaccine." This is scary, considering the fact that the vaccine was supposed to basically end the pandemic. Hopefully the vaccine DOES work on these strains, but we don't know yet.
  3. We showed you back in November that Mr. Osterholm was already pushing for lockdowns even before this new variant took hold in the UK.
  4. The most telling quote of the entire interview: "What we have to do now is also anticipate this and understand that we're going to have to change quickly. As fast as we're opening restaurants, we're likely going to be closing them in the near term."

So there you have it. The Biden lockdowns are right around the corner. And if Osterholm has any influence on when these lockdowns occur, it'll happen very, very soon.

We've shown you how these lockdowns go in places like Germany, Italy, Canada, Britain, and the Netherlands.

Well, now we might get to see what they look like in the good ol' US of A!

Isn't that exciting!?!?


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