According to the Department of Homeland Security, if you oppose Covid restrictions, or think election fraud took place in 2020, you are a potential terror threat
· Aug 14, 2021 ·

Okay people, we knew this was coming:

Yup, if you disagree with freedom-grabbing Covid measures you're a potential terror threat.

And if you think maybe, just maybe, there was election fraud in 2020…

You guessed it! You might be a terrorist!!

Now we all remember January 6th. And we all knew this was going to be used to paint most, if not all, conservatives as terrorists. And now here we are seven months later and the beginnings of it are right there on NBC Nightly News. The next step is for one of those bullet points to simply read "Supports Donald Trump."

I'd go as far as to say Ron DeSantis' name might be up there at some point too.

Anyhow, here's the video for ya:

And for those of you who can't do sound:

DHS says this new terrorism advisory is not based on any actual threats or plots, but it says there's a rise in antigovernment rhetoric. Some of it is opposition to Covid public health rules like mask and vaccine measures. Some calls for violent action are based on claims of election fraud, or a belief that Donald Trump can be reinstated. And DHS says the coming 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and religious holidays later this year could be catalysts for violence. The last terror advisory was issued in May. It expired today. This new one says domestic extremism remains a threat priority.

Well, I guess then I'm proud to be a potential...terrorist…?

Do I get a medal?

This particular quote sticks out to me: "this new terrorism advisory is not based on any actual threats or plots."

It's just based on the fact that we think conservative types are probably terrorists. Or at least we'll paint them as such in order to move forward with the wars on Terror and Covid.

I've got a question: why don't we just call it a war on freedom-loving people?

Wouldn't that be more appropriate?

Here's the DHS:

The Secretary of Homeland Security has issued a new National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin regarding the current heightened threat environment across the United States. The Homeland continues to face a diverse and challenging threat environment leading up to and following the 20th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks as well religious holidays we assess could serve as a catalyst for acts of targeted violence. These threats include those posed by domestic terrorists, individuals and groups engaged in grievance-based violence, and those inspired or motivated by foreign terrorists and other malign foreign influences. These actors are increasingly exploiting online forums to influence and spread violent extremist narratives and promote violent activity. Such threats are also exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions...

  • Through the remainder of 2021, racially- or ethnically-motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists will remain a national threat priority for the United States. These extremists may seek to exploit the emergence of COVID-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a rationale to conduct attacks. Pandemic-related stressors have contributed to increased societal strains and tensions, driving several plots by domestic violent extremists, and they may contribute to more violence this year...
  • Foreign and domestic threat actors, to include foreign intelligence services, international terrorist groups and domestic violent extremists, continue to introduce, amplify, and disseminate narratives online that promote violence, and have called for violence against elected officials, political representatives, government facilities, law enforcement, religious communities or commercial facilities, and perceived ideologically-opposed individuals. There are also continued, non-specific calls for violence on multiple online platforms associated with DVE ideologies or conspiracy theories on perceived election fraud and alleged reinstatement, and responses to anticipated restrictions relating to the increasing COVID cases.

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