CBS reports new study from the “experts” that blames childhood obesity on, you guessed it, climate change!
· Aug 15, 2022 ·

The kids are getting fatter, fatter than their parents, and the reason for this is just perfect.

According to a CBS report, children are getting bigger not because of junk food or anything like that. It's climate change!

It's the mean old sun monster that's making the kids a little portly.

Watch this piece from CBS and enjoy the complete lunacy of the Left on display.

Okay, it's hot outside. So kids stay inside.

Even the CBS anchor is struck by how stupid the argument is. He doesn't deny climate change is killing the planet, but he also points out that kids are sitting on their butts all day for other reasons.

It also likely has to do with the completely disgusting diet we shovel down their throats.

The ratio on this tweet and the replies show that at least some folks realize how stupid the climate change argument is.

Some parents know that they are doing a bad job of parenting their children, and they're happy to blame their child's weight on the climate.

Look in the mirror. The sun monster isn't causing the problem. It's you.

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