Apple officially rolls out pregnant man emoji to all 1 billion iPhones
· Apr 18, 2022 ·

Clown world has graduated to a new level!

Imagine traveling back in time to tell your ancestors about the fascinating modern world. We have the internet, devices that can do practically anything from our pocket, microwaves, nukes, spacecraft that have traveled out of our solar system, nanotech, and the ability to fly anywhere on the globe in a day or so.

The sad thing is, they probably would think you're lying the second you got around to explaining the pregnant man emoji.

A recent software update for Apple's iPhones includes a "pregnant man" emoji as well as a number of other gender neutral cartoons.

Apple rolled out the update in mid-March according to the Wall Street Journal, adding the pregnant emoji, as well as a gender neutral "person with crown" emoji to go alongside the king and queen cartoons. Apple also added 35 other emojis.

Yeah, so we reported back in July 2021 that the pregnant man emoji was accepted by the Unicode Consortium, then we reported that Apple was including the pregnant man emoji in its iOS 15.4 beta back in January.

Even after heavy blowback, the company went ahead and rolled it out to every iPhone in existence in March (unless you turn off auto updates like me and are considering never downloading 15.4 in an attempt to maintain reality).

Just in case this needs to be said, the only pregnant emoji that ever needs to exist is this one:

In case you're wondering why (I know public education failed many of you), it's because it is quite literally impossible for a man to be pregnant. It has never happened and will never happen.

The "man" in the emoji is a woman with every single cell in her body – from skin to hair to muscles to nerves to brain – encoded with an XX chromosome. She can take fake hormones and cut her hair, but she's still a woman!

I like Greg Gutfeld's take:

I am happy to see the inclusion of the beer gut community in Apple's new rollout, which is a small win for those suffering from beer-gut shaming by our toxic culture!

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