Bachelor alum that called for Chris Harrison's firing now under fire for racist tweets
· Mar 1, 2021 ·

Bachelor alum Taylor Nolan, who is best known for her wokeness and unfairly hurling accusations of racism against the show's host, Chris Harrison, is now asking for "grace" after her actual racist/fat-phobic/homophobic tweets shaming basically every human on earth were exposed. Normally, I'm not one for cancel culture no matter who it targets, but this woman has a masters in COUNSELING from Johns Hopkins University and is a certified therapist. Something in my body (actually my heart) tells me that she should't be allowed to provide counseling to anyone else for a very long time. Read on to see if you agree with me.

Here is a little background for those of you who don't watch The Bachelor or follow reality TV stars (I'm jealous, as you're truly better people):

Most recently, Taylor has spent her time calling for the firing of Chris Harrison, who was recently deemed a racist by the woke mob for asking people to give Rachael Kirkconnell (Bachelor contestant) time to speak after pictures were found of her attending an "old south" fraternity party in college and liking a photo of her friends in front of a confederate flag.

These people were also mad that Rachael's dad (an actual person of color) donated to Trump's campaign. This was enough evidence to convince Taylor and friends that Rachael was a racist and that Chris Harrison - who was simply asking people to let Rachael speak and noted that the pictures were taken "years ago" - was an accomplice to racism as well. P.S. Rachael is the supposed "winner" of the Bachelor and is/was rumored to be engaged to the first Black Bachelor, Matt James.

Here are some highlights of Taylor's instagram page, speaking out against white supremacy and racism. Please note that foul language is used (a lot).

Now, here are some of her social media posts ranging from 2011-2013:

The only thing Taylor preaches that she's stuck to is "inclusivity", as she didn't exclude anyone from her disgusting tweets, except white males. One would assume since she talks a lot about holding "white folks" accountable for racism that she will probably hold herself accountable for her tweets, right?

Spoiler alert: She does not.

Taylor attempted to issue an "apology video" on instagram. She tee'd it up nicely wearing a shirt that says, "Depression" on it, which really sets up the tone for what is to come.

I'll go ahead and summarize it for anyone who doesn't have 14 minutes to watch someone blame white people for their own behavior.

1.) She sent those tweets due to white supremacy. Yes, she blamed her racist, fat-phobic, homophobic, transphobic tweets on white supremacy.

2.) She then doubled down to say it was a "trauma response" and that she thought she was protecting herself by tweeting those things because it was "close to whiteness."

3.) She let everyone know it was "10 years ago" and now uses her platform to stand up for BIPOC. Please note: These tweets were 6-8 years ago when she was in college studying mental health. (And remember, by her own words, just because something happened in the past, doesn't mean it should be forgiven!)

4.) If she tweets out these things, then she will be accepted by white people and then white people would not hurt her.

5.) She blamed an "anti-woke" Bachelor subreddit for surfacing these tweets "not in good faith."

6.) She tweeted about Indian and Mexican people because they would hit on her at bars because they thought she was Indian but once they found out she was half Black they didn't like her anymore.

Here is my advice for Taylor (though she might feel it rooted in white supremacist ideology):

Judge someone not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.


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