Boston Anti-Trump Rally Involves Flag Burning and Blood Drinking
· Oct 19, 2020 ·

It's one thing to be anti-Trump, lots of people think Trump is awful. That's a political disagreement. It's another thing to be this guy...

[Warning: Language and Gore]

The scene opens with a man yelling incoherent things while an American flag sits on the ground burning. He has in his hands what is supposed to be a bloody heart representing Trump. I'm not sure if this is a real animal heart or if it's just a prop of some sort, regardless he holds it over his head and screams, squeezes the blood out, and then rips the heart apart throwing blood everywhere.

Because Trump is a bad orange man, of course.

You then see weird and unexplained dancing, a man in a costume that looks to be Trump as a pig, and then running in circles while the performers chant "F*** Trump!" over and over again.

This whole thing looks to be either some kind of performance art piece from a group of theater majors who, of course, have no job and nothing better to do. OR it's some kind of weird satanic or occultic ritual being performed in broad daylight to bring a curse upon the evil orange man in the White House.

This is in Boston, such a historic American city. Now it is overrun with insane anti-American leftists.

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