Boston Public Schools are keeping their windows open because of Covid and now students and teachers have to bundle up because of how cold it is INSIDE
· Jan 15, 2022 ·

Oh look, another reason to pull your kids out of public schools!

Not cool, bro! Not cool!

In case you were curious, here's Boston's forecast for next week:

Yup, a little cold this time of year.

I must say, this little rule right here is basically torture. I work in an environment (at my day job) where the windows are kept open like this. We do it because the air flow is supposed to move the Covid around, therefore keeping us safe from the virus. So when it's 11 degrees outside the windows are open. No joke. Lucky for me, once it gets down below 25 or so, we barely crack them open. But it's still super cold.

We have space heaters in every room, and everyone flocks to the space heaters. It's unreal.

All to stop the spread of Covid.

Well, unlike my place of employment, Boston Public Schools, whether it's 28 degrees or 9 degrees, are required to leave the windows open 4 INCHES!

Again, to stop the spread of Covid.

"Good morning families," one school wrote to parents before their children headed off to class. "It is still very cold. Remember the windows in our classrooms have to be open. I suggest layering your child's clothes (2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and a sweater, 2 pairs of socks, etc. (Plus all their outerwear (hat, glove, scarf, etc.)."

Yeah, layer up! It's gonna be a cold one, kids!

And keep in mind, this is for your safety!

So dumb.

One teacher noted her classroom was a cozy "55 degrees." And that's probably on a warmer day.

This is no way to treat children.

*By the way, I love my job too much to quit over it being cold. Sorry.

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