Canada to expand its assisted suicide program to include the mentally ill
· Jul 17, 2023 ·

Well, I guess Canada is about to try a new method for handling the mental illness crisis.

The Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program, which is government-supported assisted suicide, AKA the Canadian government killing undesirables, is about to expand its reach to include the mentally ill, as we reported last fall.

From Canadian outlet The Messenger:

Canada will allow people with mental illness to choose medically assisted death beginning next year, according to a report.

Now, watch this slippery slope in action in this given timeline:

The Medical Assistance in Dying program, known by its acronym MAID, for adults with terminal illnesses has been legal since 2016.

It was amended in 2021 to take into account people with incurable conditions, and beginning in March 2024 it will include people whose sole underlying condition is mental illness.

In 2016 it was just for people who were terminal, five years later it included "incurable" patients. And now it's going to include ANYONE who is mentally ill.

There are no brakes on the culture of death train as it careens down the slippery slope.

"We have gotten where we are through a number of very prudent steps," (Canada's Justice Minister, David) Lametti told Reuters. "It's been a slow and careful evolution. And I'm proud of that."

According to figures from 2021, the most recent year available, 10,064 people died through medically assisted death, about 3% of Canadians that year.

"Slow and careful evolution" apparently means in 5 years it went from illegal to being the cause of 3% of all deaths in Canada, only to continue to be expanded.

Where do you think it will be 5 years from now?

These are the "prudent" steps Canada is taking.

Still, medical experts told the wire service that mental illness shouldn't be one of the criteria because it is often difficult to determine whether a mental illness is irremediable, as the law requires.

"We don't even understand the biology of most mental illnesses," Sonu Gaind, chief psychiatrist at Toronto's Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, told Reuters.

The mentally ill are, by definition, incapable of consenting to these sorts of life-ending decisions. This is no more than Canada lining mentally ill Canadians up for slaughter.

(But remember, this is totally different than the Nazis because only conservatives are National Socialists.)

Welcome to the "progress" of the Tolerant Left™.

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