Canadian police just tried AGAIN to interrupt the church service of the pastor who called them "Gestapo." Watch his response.
· Apr 26, 2021 ·

A few weeks ago, Pastor Art Pawlowski of Calgary shouted at police who had entered his church during worship, calling them Nazis and the Gestapo.

In a followup interview, he explained that he grew up in communist Poland and is seeing the same disturbing government abuses under the excuse of coronavirus.

On Sunday, a large group of police again showed up to try to perform a "safety inspection."

Again, Pawlowski told them to get lost:

A few notable quotes from the video:

  • "It's sickening, what this country came to. Coming to the place of worship with their uniforms, with their guns... AGAIN during the time of worship. They could do it another time. They could do it another day. No, they are following the orders of the Führer."
  • "If Canadians will not rise up and stand up: if they will not come to their senses while there is still a time to wake up and push this evil, they will be absolutely no rights whatsoever. If they can get away with this, they're going to come anywhere else."
  • "Do you think they are here for your health? Seriously? They could come any day of the week. They could call me. They could say 'Hey we want to inspect your facility, we wanna come.' No. They want to do it during the church service, because they have a purpose, they have an agenda."
  • "If you're not seeing it, then you're plain stupid, blind, and deaf. I have been warning you for 16 years about what's coming and it's here. And it's up to you. Either you are going to keep pushing as hard as you can, or you're going to be swallowed by those people. The history is teaching us that those types of people will never stop."
  • "They are going to keep coming, keep coming, keep taking your rights one after another, destroying you by thousands of cuts – one little cut at a time, one little law at a time. And eventually, you are going to wake up and you are going to be in a concentration camp."
  • "We were warning Americans and Canadians – Westerners – about what is coming. We could smell it from many years. People were laughing at us. 'Oh, you're just making this stuff up. You're blowing this out of proportion. You conspiracy theorist.' However, it's here. It's here and you cannot come and worship God without the interference of the Gestapo."

I'll leave you with one more of his thoughts that we should all be pondering:

"Will you stand up? Will you fight? Will you push? Or will you just bow to the medical tyranny – because that's what it is – and give up everything? Because they are coming for everything. Wake up or else."

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