Check Out This Amazing Thread Highlighting The Media's Hypocrisy When Covering Florida Lifting Mask Mandates Vs. All The Blue States Doing It Now

Feb 11th

Drew Holden is known for his extensive threads documenting liberal media hypocrisy.

This is an intense and well-documented exposé of the media and their treatment of Ron DeSantis and other Republicans removing mask mandates, vs. blue states doing the exact same thing a few months later.

The difference in coverage is staggering, but not shocking.

Let's jump in!

Everyone has known, almost since the beginning of the pandemic, that masking in schools is pointless. It's not stopping the spread of Covid. Kids are not in more danger from Covid than they are from the flu.

Still, it's all politics. Masking signals that you are a good and caring liberal. And if you are against muzzling kids you are a heartless Republican.

Now that the polls have changed and Democrats are switching masks, that's a "new phase of the pandemic" but when DeSantis did it more than a year ago, it was the worst thing ever.

The corporate media has no interest in telling you the truth.


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