Take a moment to appreciate that a child has been freed from a nuggetless existence
· May 19, 2021 · NottheBee.com

The following is a tale of redemption:

In this amazing story – originally posted on Reddit and shared by The Sun in the UK – a woman unloaded on her ex-husband for reportedly sneaking their 8-year-old daughter chicken nuggets behind her back.

To be fair to the woman, it was her ex who used to be over-the-top back in the day and demanded no animal products be found in their house. He apparently even criticized her for eating Oreos while pregnant, so I can kinda understand why things didn't work out.

"I became vegan when my ex and I moved in together because he was vegan and he didn't like there being animal products in the house. "I was vegan while I was pregnant and we've raised our daughter vegan for the past eight-ish years."

Somewhere along the way, said weenie saw the light, realized chicken nuggets are delicious, and let his daughter order them from McDonald's.

That being said, the dude should have told his ex. Keeping it a secret put his kid in an awkward position.

One day, the mom was driving with their daughter and she wanted her McDonald's fix:

"She has a full blown meltdown demanding chicken nuggets. We get home and she's, like, blowing snot bubbles she's so enraged. She howls her way through a bowl of leftover soup. She hates me, I'm a terrible mum, dad would have let her eat chicken nuggets. She wore herself out crying."

People surveyed seemed split over who they thought was to blame in said relationship drama.

Personally, I'm just happy a kid got to enjoy one of God's greatest gifts to mankind.

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