"CLOSE THE BORDER!": Angry New Yorkers drowned out AOC as she stumped for mass migration
· Sep 15, 2023 · NottheBee.com

How mad are New Yorkers about the illegal immigration problem?

Protesters are out in the street, screaming at Alex from the Bronx, their beloved AOC, to shut down the southern border.

They're shouting "Close the border' and other slogans with the clear message: Stop illegal immigration!

Even Fox News had to cut away because the residents were so angry!!

They're fed up with it and want the border closed, completely, and they want it now!

You can tell AOC is visibly upset by this. Everyone is supposed to love her!

New Yorkers, this is what Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico have been dealing with for years!

This is how the Dems lose the illegal immigration issue. Keep it coming.

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