CNN's Brian Stelter has lost 72% of his viewers this year

Jun 22nd

It's almost like a certain Orange Man was the main reason people were watching CNN:

That's right. A whopping 72% of viewers have tuned out of Brian Stelter's show since the start of this year.

The latest episode of Stelter's show failed to attract 1 million viewers for the 11th week in a row. A mere 752,000 total viewers tuned in to watch Stelter critique the media — usually heavily focused on the more successful Fox News — on Sunday. That's down from a peak of 2.7 million viewers following the January 6 Capitol riot.

The CNN host has continued to use much of his airtime to attack Fox News (which has 12 shows on Sunday that beat his own in ratings), calling for their outright censorship under the claim that he is the arbiter of "reality-based" reporting.

Can you blame him? With his audience drying up, a clownhead's gotta make a living somehow!

His abysmal ratings are even worse when you look only at the most important demographic, viewers between the age of 24 and 54 years old. Only 129,000 in this category tuned into his show.

Still, enough true believers have bought Stelter's book to make him a bestselling author, proving once again that even the weirdest hustlers can make a living here in America!

For more on the clown that is Brian Stelter, I'll leave you with some thoughts from Joe Rogan and CSPAN viewers who recently sparked him with some harsh truth.


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