Don Lemon says journalists must treat Republicans as a "danger to our society"
· Jul 15, 2022 ·

So if you haven't heard, CNN's new president Chris Licht is trying to move the company away from the fake news and hype we're used to and toward a more journalistic approach.

This sounds wonderful if you're a normal person. However, if you're Don Lemon or any of the number of fake news journalists over at CNN, this is not a good sign.

Here's Lemon seemingly speaking his mind on this exact topic:

"We sit around and we talk about these things and we want to give this false equivalence to Democrats and Republicans. That is not where we are right now, Republicans are doing something that is very dangerous to our society and we have to acknowledge that. We have to acknowledge that as Americans, we must acknowledge that as journalists, because if we don't, we're not doing our jobs. We cannot sit here and pretend like ‘Well, Republicans, cut them a break.'"

Oh no, what's the matter Don?

You don't like doing real journalism?

You can't go on in the world of media without condemning Republicans every step of the way?

Well, that's too bad, Don.

He continues:

"They have a lot to answer for in this moment. A lot to answer for what happened with the former president of the United States. Why they allowed his antics to go on for so long. Why he is not accountable…

Why they are, whether you agree with aborion rights or not, why they have taken back a right that was granted to American women for fifty years. They have to answer those questions. If they come here on CNN, they must answer for that. If they come on MSNBC, they must answer for that. If they go on ABC, they must answer for that. And they cannot expect to be coddled when they go onto a news organization or if they step up in front of a crowd of supporters or voters or of Americans."

Oh no!

What are we going to do when CNN doesn't have full coverage of January 6th every day for the rest of time?!?

What will they even cover?


So it looks to me as if CNN, if it does in fact take this turn toward real journalism, is going to lose a whole bunch of its fake news reporters.


P.S. Now check out our latest video: Oh CNN wants Republicans back now? 😂👇

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