ESPN Commentator Says He Roots Against a Certain NFL Player Because His Fans Have "American Flags and Dogs" on Their Social Media

Dec 16th

Former NFL player and current analyst Domonique Foxworth went on Bomani Jones's ESPN podcast and made a comment that would normally be considered bizarre and confusing on American airwaves. But in 2020, I guess it makes perfect sense.

Foxworth claims that he relishes when Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen makes a mistake because the people who are fans of Allen are the types of people with American flags and dogs on their social media. Foxworth seems to find these very American things "problematic."

You hear the host of the podcast laugh as Foxworth says that he feels happy when Josh Allen does something dumb, not because he dislikes Allen, but because he dislikes the people who are Allen's fans. He accuses the Josh Allen fans of having "really concerning retweets and likes" on their Twitter profiles.

Let me translate this for you. Either Foxworth is tweeting about Josh Allen and people are replying to his opinions and he is STALKING those people OR he is going out of his way to stalk Josh Allen fans and form his opinion on how he feels about the quarterback based on those people's politics.

He uses the fact that he does a "deeper dive" to justify his generalizations. But it is very telling that on this podcast he felt like he could, basically, just say that Josh Allen fans have American flags and dogs and that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about their character.

This seems like a very poisoned and bigoted way to view an entire swath of the population, but it's par for the course for the Wokies over on ESPN.

Bills fans need to defend their boy. Circle the wagons around Josh Allen!


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