So you're not sure about getting a Covid-19 vaccine right away? Well, would this virtue-signaling STICKER change your mind?!
· Dec 16, 2020 ·

Pretty cool, right?! Bet your friends will think you're a really rad dude when they see it!

You know how the only reason you voted this year was so you could get one of those "I'm a Good Person" stickers—sorry, I mean "I Voted" stickers? Well, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention is hoping the same virtue-signaling trick will work on your approval-seeking little butt when it comes time to getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

Jessica Malaty Rivera, an infectious disease epidemiologist told CNN:

"I definitely think that public health swag has some weight. The flu vaccine band aid has become iconic. Something similar like that for Covid-19, like a button or a sticker, would be something that I would personally wear proudly and encourage others to as well."

They've developed two types of stickers already (you can download printable PDFs of them on the CDC website if you so desire).

Malaty Rivera went on to add, "There's definitely psychology to it. The 'I got the flu shot' sticker for health care providers definitely gives patients and people coming to hospital settings some confidence that they are entering places that are safe and protected."

I just love how the plan to convince people who are hesitant about a brand new medical intervention is not to give them more information or find ways to better prove how safe it is. No, the trick is to treat everyone like easily-manipulated children, offering stickers so we can show off to our friends.

I also have no doubt it will be effective. We love that sweet, sweet approval.

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