Watch this lady casually taking her pet camel shopping at Bath & Body Works
· Dec 16, 2020 ·

Forget the old jokes about a priest and a rabbi walking into a bar. They are so yesterday.

In today's whacky world the joke goes like this:

A woman and a camel walk into a toiletries store …

Only it isn't a joke! Shoppers at the Bath & Body Works store in Henderson, NV, were dumbfounded by the sight of a woman casually strolling into the store with her pet camel in tow.

One onlooker, June Hilliard, caught the spectacle on video.

"Ok y'all. For whatever reason there's a whole, actual camel at Bath & Body Works."

But why!?

Well, one YouTube commenter, Rebekah Hamby, ventured a guess.

"I know the owner of this camel by the way. She owns quite a few wild animals. I guess she decided to take her camel out for a walk."

Another YouTube commentator just had to set the record straight:

"Fun fact. That's not a camel. Technically it's a dromedary. Camels have two humps. Dromedaries' have one."

Man, we're glad you cleared that up for us, 'cause that's like the only question we have right now.

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