Joe Rogan is getting cancelled for mentioning racial slurs but the fact-checkers want you to know it is PERFECTLY OKAY when Joe Biden does the exact same thing
· Feb 12, 2022 ·

Joe Rogan has been on the chopping block in recent days because some people spliced together a bunch of instances of him referencing a racial slur during his podcast.

The rule, in case you were unaware, is that white people may not refer to racial slurs at all, in any context, in any way, ever; Rogan's crime was that he did not sanitize the slur in question and instead just said it outright while discussing it.

Well, Joe Biden once did the same thing—in Congress, in public, no less!—and our nation's beknighted fact-checkers want you to know it is TOTALLY okay that he did:

An advert against Joe Biden gaining traction on Facebook misleadingly claims the Democratic Presidential candidate made racist comments on camera in 1985. The alleged quote, which has been repeatedly used to discredit Biden, is missing context...

Two seconds into the video, the narrator says that Biden "repeated the N-word twice on camera," while on-screen text reads, "We don't need any more [N-word] bigshots" – C-SPAN 6/5/1985"

As presented, the video implies that the words spoken by Biden were his own opinions, when actually he was quoting a white legislator and trying to expose the comments as racist.

Oooooh okay! So let me see if I've got this right: Joe Biden referenced a racial slur, but he didn't use it in a racist manner; instead he was using it as part of a broader discussion in which he simply didn't censor the word itself.

Do I have that right?

Relatedly, why does that sound so familiar???

It's kinda weird that the fact-checkers haven't rushed to Joe Rogan's defense in the same exact way they rushed to Joe Biden's defense. Isn't that weird? It is so weird.

Hopefully our country's cancel machine will not be too hard on ol' Joe Biden for brazenly referencing a horrible racial slur!

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