Fauci is getting his own Nat Geo documentary where he is portrayed as the hero of the Republic
· Feb 3, 2021 · NottheBee.com

You know what Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn't need?

A bigger ego.

Every time unilateral decisions need to be made for 350 million Americans, the Left pops over to an interview of Fauci, treating him as if he's the high priest who alone hears the very words of God.

Now that sacred reverence comes to a head in the trailer for National Geographic's new documentary about Fauci, where you will "meet the hero" as you've never seen him before:

Feel free to take a second to recover from that if you need it.

It doesn't matter that literally thousands of doctors have come out against Fauci's lockdowns and other recommendations. It doesn't matter than he has a very narrow field of expertise that we shouldn't apply willy-nilly to all of human society.

It also doesn't matter that Fauci has flip-flopped approximately 1,412 times in the last year, or that he has so much cultural influence that a single off-the-cuff statement can alter the course of lives.

Fauci is literally playing an insane game of "Simon Says" with America that has real and tragic consequences.

Regardless of this, to the mainstream media, Dr. Fauci is the Chosen One. It was only due to the leadership of a basement-dwelling political candidate and this singular doctor that America managed to live through the most survivable global pandemic in human history.

Here are a few notable accomplishments of Fauci that I'm sure they'll cover in the film:

What a guy!


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