BREAKING: George Santos was just kicked out of Congress in a bipartisan push that included many Republicans
· Dec 1, 2023 ·

George Santos, one of the most colorful members of the United States House of Representatives, was just removed from his seat by his fellow Republicans.

Santos is just the sixth lawmaker to ever be removed from the House of Representatives.

For months, Democrats and many Republicans have worked to remove the congressman, but the 2/3 vote needed was just too much. Until today.

The extraordinary move, unseen in 20 years, took three attempts over six months and required support from large numbers in both parties to meet the inflated threshold — two-thirds of the chamber — for expelling a sitting member. The final tally, 311-114-2, surpassed that mark, with 105 Republicans joining almost all Democrats to remove the scandal-plagued Santos after just 11 months in office.

Republicans still hold on to an extremely thin majority in the House and Santos' ouster is not going to make things easier for Speaker Mike Johnson as he tries to unify Republicans.

Highlighting those internal divisions, 112 Republicans backed Santos on Friday despite the growing controversy swirling around him. Those voices warned that removing an elected lawmaker from office — without a criminal conviction — sets a dangerous precedent that could lead to unwarranted, politically motivated expulsions in the future...

The new Speaker also made clear that he had "real reservations" with the effort to remove Santos before his criminal cases had run their course.

Now, it's official. After 11 of the most entertaining months in the history of Washington DC, Representative Santos is no longer employed.

Santos has multiple criminal cases ahead of him to keep him busy tho.

Speaking of criminal cases, now that Congress has expelled the guy who is accused of stealing puppies from the Amish and spending campaign funds on botox...

What about the Democrat senator who was chair of the Foreign Relations Committee (!!) and was charged with taking bribes (including gold) from foreign governments?

Oh yeah, Menendez is a Democrat. My bad.

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