America's most expensive home asking price is here and you'll need to be a billionaire to afford it
· Jun 21, 2023 ·

Need a little more patio space? Looking for an area with some good schools? Well, ask your real estate agent to set you up with a tour of this modestly priced Bel Air bungalow:

It is one of the most significant estates in Los Angeles. Built in the 1930s, the roughly 8.5-acre Casa Encantada in Bel-Air has twice set a record as the most expensive private home ever sold in the U.S., first in 1980 and then again in 2000.

Now, its current owners, billionaire financier Gary Winnick and his wife, artist and author Karen Winnick, are trying to set the record for a third time, listing the property for a potentially record-setting $250 million.

Hmm, $250 million! That's not bad. Let's say you've got $30,000 to put down. You'll have to take out a mortgage on the remaining $249,970,000. That's doable. At around 7% interest and a 30-year mortgage, you'd be looking at a really very affordable $1.8 million per month.

Maybe you'll have to put off that Disney vacation for the next, oh, 400 years. But man, is the property worth it!

👆It's got gates. Big gates. You're already prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

👆This is a "reception room." It's where your friends awkwardly congregate when they come over before moving to another, more fun part of the house.

👆This is the formal dining room. If you wax up that table with candles, you could probably skid all the way down it like it was a Slip 'n' Slide.

👆 The study. George Washington once slept here. Did he? No, not really. But maybe. Can you prove he didn't? Don't answer that.

Some of you misers will say, "Harambe, you said you'd need to be a billionaire to afford this thing, but a quarter-billionaire would suffice."

Yeah, Sherlock, and how do you propose to cool this monstrosity in the SoCal heat or keep the lights on? Do y'all even know how much utilities on this bad boy will cost?

That's why only a super-rich climate-change activist will buy one of these things!

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