Here it is! The worst take on Russia and Ukraine you'll see today!
· Feb 25, 2022 ·

There's a lot of bad takes on Ukraine and Russia right now, but this has to be the worst.

Laurie Garrett, a blue-checkmark lib on Twitter and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, has blamed Putin's aggression towards Ukraine on "Long Covid".

No. This isn't a joke.

And she was a former senior fellow for a major think tank that specializes in foreign policy, the Council on Foreign Relations!

She deleted it, but we've got the screenshot. The internet is forever.




When your world literally revolves around Covid-19 then everything can be blamed on Covid.

This is so dumb. And she had a 7 tweet thread expounding on this theory. It's absolutely and positively dumb.

Here's what she said after getting trounced:

It's not like Putin has made it clear, for decades now, that he wants to take back Ukraine. It's not like he's a former KGB guy who has always wanted to rebuild the Soviet Union.

No, he's just a regular dude still suffering brain fog from Covid. That's why he's invading Ukraine.

This is an absolutely clown-ish take.

Then again, you can always tell by the eyes...

If you have a take this bad, you should have your phone taken away.

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