Here's Mr. Unity! Joe Biden Comes Out to Repeat Democrat Talking Point and Throw Gas on a Racial Fire
· Jan 8, 2021 ·

After yesterday's unfortunate and tragic incident, where Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, Biden initially called for an end to the violence and began to ask that we as a country unify and heal.

Well, today Mr. Unity threw that entire olive branch out the window by repeating a Democrat and media talking point that is meant to stir up racial tensions and disharmony.


Here we have President-elect "Why can't we be friends?" Biden baselessly slandering Capitol Police, many of whom were injured in the line of duty, as being racist for how they handled the rioters breaking into the Capitol Building. There's this left-wing talking point that's been circling the internet about how if this was BLM instead of Trump supporters it would have been a bloodbath. Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon dismissed this talking point in a succinct manner.

It's an unfortunate and dishonest narrative, and it would be bad enough if ICE T was the only one spewing this nonsense. But now Joe Biden, president-elect, is adopting this as a talking point and is apparently taking the cue from BLM radicals on how he will address this issue.

This relies on two false assumptions. The first is the wild idea that the BLM protesters have been mistreated by police. This is easily dismissed when you recall the months of BLM protests and how the rioters were able to have free run of major cities all around the US. The second element you have to ignore is the fact that 4 people died yesterday. Regardless of race, it's clear that those repeating this talking point are selling you a bill of goods.

And, of course, Kamala Harris is there to further fan the flames of division.

How many marijuana smokers did you arrest, Kamala?

Looking forward to all the #unity over the next 4 years that is sure to come when the president takes his talking points from BLM memes. Making policy and spouting rhetoric directly from a Marxist organization.

I guess it's time to heal.

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