WHOA: Ashton Kutcher is red-pilled about TikTok, communist China, and social media collaborating with government
· · Jul 19, 2021 · NottheBee.com

It seems there are a few of our Hollywood elites who might still have grey matter between their ears:

Some observations about this clip (which starts at minute 22 of this interview):

  1. Ashton is right to be super leery of TikTok, ByteDance, and the Chinese Communist Party (but I repeat myself).
  2. Ashton is correct that social media is changing quickly and is right to keep his children away from internet influences as much as possible.
  3. Though he doesn't mention US social media, given the revelation this week that the White House is pressuring social giants to do their bidding, Ashton is correct that there's a "reckoning" coming around social media, manipulation, and free speech.
  4. Ashton says that most people don't realize their preferred media sources are telling half truths and outright fibs. Note that he doesn't immediately assume this only includes conservatives. Could it be that Ashton is one of the few actors able to see outside the BlueAnon bubble??

Clips like this give me little glimpses of hope that the woke mind virus hasn't entirely infected America. Let's keep that hope going!


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