Ibram Kendi's Center for Antiracist Research has produced just 2 original research papers since its founding in 2020 πŸ€”
Β· Sep 20, 2023 Β· NottheBee.com

Ibram Kendi is quite the antiracist, isn't he? So much so that his Center for Antiracist Research, founded in 2020 β€” three years ago β€” has produced a measly two, yes, two, original research papers.

Man, I imagined this guy was only in it for the money and fame, but I didn't think it was this bad. Let's take a look.

The Boston University-based center has produced just two original research papers since its founding in June 2020, according to a Washington Free Beacon review. Output from the center's scholars largely consists of op-eds or commentary posted on the center's website. The group's plans to "maintain the nation's largest online database of racial inequity data in the United States" quickly fizzled out, and the database has been dormant since 2021.

Two research papers in three years!!

So much for shining a light on inequality, huh? Turns out, research is tough, and when things get tough you just write op-eds talking about how everything is racist.

I guess this program was stamped from the beginning to fail, because look at some of this:

Kendi had high hopes for the center, which employed at least 45 employees as of July. The nonprofit would "foster exhaustive racial research, research-based policy innovation, data-driven education and advocacy campaigns, and narrative-change initiatives," Kendi said, in order to "figure out novel and practical ways to understand, explain, and solve seemingly tractable problems of racial inequity and injustice."

In December 2020, the center launched the "Racial Data Lab," which Kendi claimed would "give us the ability to see the hotspots of racial inequity in real time in this country." As of September, the Racial Data Lab only compiled information on COVID-19 infections and deaths.

But yet, it produced nothing; and now they're getting rid of a third of their workforce.

A complete failure here, but what did we expect from Kendi? Research isn't really the cash cow that racism grifting is, and he knows that.

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