"I’m part of the solution": Bill Gates defends using his private jets to spread the news of climate change
· Feb 7, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Apparently, if you're rich enough and you say all the right things and pay your indulgences, then your personal climate sins are absolved thanks to your righteousness.

At least that's, essentially, what Bill Gates claims to believe when questioned on his use of fossil fuel-guzzling private jets to travel across the globe.

From the Daily Wire:

The Microsoft co-founder spurned accusations of hypocrisy during an interview with the BBC in Kenya broadcast on Friday, claiming that his decision to "spend billions of dollars" on climate innovations such as carbon capture systems more than accounts for his personal carbon footprint.

"Should I stay at home and not come to Kenya and learn about farming and malaria?" he asked reporter Amol Rajan. "I'm comfortable with the idea that not only am I not part of the problem by paying for the offsets, but also through the billions that my Breakthrough Energy Group is spending, that I'm part of the solution."

He acts like there are only two options, either he flies on his private jet to Kenya or the world burns up. Do you mean to tell me the computer guy has never heard of Zoom?

Let alone the fact that Bill Gates is SO high and mighty and better than everyone else that the idea of flying on a commercial airplane doesn't even enter into his mind.

He says the right things, he pays the "offsets" which somehow erase his carbon footprint.

Only the poors who can't afford the climate credits will have to amend their lives.

That's why it's always "You vill eat ze bugs" and not "We vill eat ze bugs."

Gates flew more than 213,000 miles on 59 private jet flights in 2017, according to a study from Linnaeus University economics professor Stefan Gössling. The flight activity created some 1,760 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is nearly 109 times higher than the emissions per capita in the United States, according to data from the World Bank.

As of 2021, Gates had four private jets: two Gulfstream G650ERs that each cost about $70 million and two Bombardier Challenger 350s that each cost $27 million, according to an article from Skyluxe Aviation. The combined value of the vehicles is $194 million...

"If you offset your carbon, it's the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle," he contended two years ago. "The time it takes me to get somewhere, I can't sail across the ocean. I have to fly, meet with people and get things done."

Gates is a worldwide missionary for the climate cult and he doesn't see any need to slow down or excuse his rank hypocrisy. He's just better than you and has the money to be better than you!

By the way, since we're talking about Bill Gates and jets, do you think Bill would be willing to answer why he ever went on Jeffrey Epstein's plane? That's the follow-up I'd like to see.

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