In 2020, Trudeau said he supported Indian farmers blocking roads in protest, but in Canada, he now needs war powers to teach peaceful truckers "there will be consequences" 🤔
· · Feb 16, 2022 ·

The Indian government wasn't too happy with Justin Castro-Trudeau's interference in their internal affairs when he vocally supported the right of Indian farmers to peacefully blockade the roads around New Delhi.

Hear it straight from the horse's mouth back in December 2020:

And watch the beginning of this clip from Indian media where he doubled down on that take:

Okay, got it.

Canada will always stand up for the right to peaceful protest and human rights anywhere around the world and we are pleased to see moves towards de-escalation and dialogue. Canada will always stand up for the right to peaceful protest and human rights around the world.


That's funny.

Seems all of a sudden he doesn't support peaceful protest... and since he's been hiding like a weenie from the truckers, he has shown zero interest in "de-escalation and dialogue." The Indian media has certainly noticed the hypocrisy at play.

In fact, now he wants to grant himself emergency powers to teach those truckers and their bouncy castles a lesson about "consequences"!!

My goodness.

It's okay, though. Justin Trudeau loves democracy. He will definitely lay down those powers when the crisis of dancing truckers has abated.

On another note, if you guys want to see what's unfolding in Canada, but with a cool sci-fi twist, may I recommend this cool movie series called "Star Wars"?

What can I say? Justin Trudeau is gonna Justin Trudeau. Sometimes he gets a little rebellious, like when his mom took a trip to the Caribbean approximately 9 months before he was born.

Like father, like son!


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