Young British commentator breaks down over mask mandates: "I watched and felt like my entire life was falling apart because of what this government did to young people."
· · Jan 20, 2022 ·

This video is absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson announced the end of masking in schools in England along with the easing of other Covid restrictions.

Watch as this young British political commentator, Sophie Corcoran, breaks down in tears as she recounts how the Covid restrictions, which should have never been put in place, ruined her last years of school.

Listen to her voice. Look into her eyes.

These Covid restrictions are beyond cruel towards children.

Heartless and unfeeling bureaucrats made arbitrary rules, based on no science at all, which has ended up destroying the lives of so many kids in the coming generation.

This story is like so many others all over the world. What we have done to our children is unspeakable.

What I found out when I was in the classroom, and most commentators have never been asked to speak on this because they, quite frankly, didn't experience it, so you can hear it from me the first.

There were teachers sitting there that would be yelling at the poor year sevens about their face mask more than they would be teaching them.

Those shy kids that would sit at the back of the class that would never speak, it would be a massive barrier to them to impact their learning. They were already terrified, didn't wanna speak out and now they've got another barrier to engaging their learning.

Communication problems were impossible. I'm going to be honest with you, most of the time when we were in school we took them off because we couldn't hear each other. They couldn't hear us, we couldn't hear them.

You're in school to learn and the damage that they have done to my generation has been unbelievable.

This is where it turns heart-wrenching. Sophie begins to recount her story and how all of the shutdowns made it completely impossible for her to finish school and take her exams.

I sat there in August and literally watched my future crumble in front of my eyes...

So I got my exams cancelled once, went back and forth... I'm not getting screwed over by the algorithm, I'm better than this. I got there, they cancelled them again.

I thought "nothing I can do anymore" so I... this makes so angry.

They literally ruined our lives.

And nobody spoke about it, at all. And the commentators they had union reps come on and say "this is what the schools should have paid" and they didn't care at about what this did to us.

The continual cancellation of classes and exams for a disease that is less dangerous for kids than the flu is inexcusable.

This is true pain.

I literally watched and felt like my whole life was falling apart because of what this government did to young people. And nobody cared. Not one person has cared about children in this pandemic...

Why are we putting masks on 'em when people can go to football stadiums and people can go to theatres... and yet we're disrespecting kids...

The damage just is done, for us it's forever and we'll never get it back.

These kids have gone through the worst of this pandemic. The restrictions have been hardest on them.

And for absolutely no good reason.

Watching this video is heartbreaking. And it's sad that there are places in the US where we are still imposing these insane rules on our children.

They will never get their childhood back.

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