Joy Behar says that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson reminds her of Barack Obama because "he was also perfect"
· · Mar 23, 2022 ·

The View spent an entire segment praising Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson while mocking Republican Senators for asking legitimate questions about her record during yesterday's confirmation hearing.

The entire clip is laughably ridiculous, but the real kicker comes at 3:15 in this video when Behar likens Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to her personal Lord and Savior, Barack Obama:

All I have to say is...Ketanji reminded me of Obama a little bit because he was also perfect. He had nothing wrong going on.

She went on to explain that they have to have a perfect black person to run so that Republicans look ridiculous not to support them.

What you have here are 50 senators who are going to vote against this woman who is above reproach, the first black woman in that position.

A woman above reproach, that's who Judge Jackson Brown is.

Never mind her inability to define the word "woman," even though the whole reason Biden picked her in the first place was because she is a black woman.

Never mind her record on giving incredibly light sentences for child pornography.

Earlier in the segment, Whoopi Goldberg just dismissed that entire line of questioning by saying,

They didn't want to hear about sex crimes when Kavanaugh was being nominated. So I'm just – just, and that's all – and she has not been accused of a sex crime, okay? I'm just saying that.

This is a great argument if you choose to overlook that Kavanaugh was not a convicted child sex offender, like the people in question here (nor was he found guilty of literally any crimes whatsoever, but I digress).

If we could just overlook all of these minor details, we would see that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the image of perfection. Just like Obama!

But Joy Behar forgot just one thing - we already have the perfect Supreme Court Justice...

TWO, in fact!!

P.S. Now check out our viral video "How to speak Bidenese" 😂👇

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