JUST IN: Authorities say someone has blown up the Nord Stream pipelines from Russia to Western Europe
ยท ยท Sep 27, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Yeah... so remember how Western Europe was banking on this new Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline so they could shut down their own gas and energy production to save Mother Earth or some other nonsense?

Remember how Germany sanctioned it after Putin invaded Ukraine, leading Vlad to cut off energy imports to Europe and causing energy bills in Europe to skyrocket?

Welp, now it's been destroyed:

Here's the bubbles after the explosion:

There had been some speculation that the pipeline being turned off might have created pressure issues under the ocean (liquid inside the pipeline would protect against deep-sea pressures), but authorities now believe it was a deliberate manmade explosion.

Some people are crediting the United States:

This seems to be based off a video of Biden earlier this year where he claimed we would have the ability to shut the pipeline down:

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline was a win for Russia before everyone started helping their opponent Ukraine. Conservative politicians like Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas routinely criticized allowing Russia to build the pipeline in the first place. The Biden administration more or less supported the measure until Russia invaded Ukraine.

Here's a fun little visual for where the pipeline ran:

The older Nord Stream 1 pipeline was dozens of miles away from the second pipeline, providing further evidence for a manmade explosion.

Winter is gonna be COLD this year in Europe.

Energy prices are already unbearable and now they couldn't get all the gas they needed even if they wanted. Their energy security has been destroyed.

Remember in 2018 when a certain Orange Man predicted this exact thing???

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