LOL! The Democrats Really Just Tweeted This Graphic Thanking Biden For A 2-CENT Drop In Gas Prices
· Dec 3, 2021 ·

If you thought saving $0.16 during the 4th of July was awesome, just wait until you see the other AMAZING savings the Democrats are bragging about now.

The DCCC, Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, tweeted this out:

Look at this incredible, drastic drop in the price of gas! That seems like a VERY sharp decline.

That is until you look a little closer...

Yeah. They're seriously bragging that, over the course of one week, the average price of gas dropped by 2.5 cents.

Oh thank you so much Joe Biden for saving me a total of $0.50 cents this week. What could I do without you?

This is from the people who are in charge of getting Democrats elected. It's embarrassing really.

By the way, here's the REAL graph showing the change in gas prices starting in January when Biden was elected.

Yeeaaaaahhh, that's a $1.20 increase. But he saved us 2 cents today, so that'll make up for it.

The graph is not only ridiculous but it's obviously meant to be misleading.

How bad is this tweet?

Yep, so bad that the people at the Washington Post are roasting it.

Yeah, this isn't it. And here's the thing this tweet really reveals:

This is the crux of the issue. They're admitting that the president and his policies actually do have an influence on gas prices.

This is an all-time bonehead move.

Everything this administration has done has been a complete failure. This attempt at polishing a turd may be the most embarrassing thing the Biden regime has done.


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