This man may have shown us how to turn pro-Hamas protesters on a dime
· Nov 7, 2023 ·

If you're looking for the self-absorbed insanity of the West condensed into one picture, I think this one coming from the streets of London might just be it:

If there's ever been a time the clichéd phrase, "Who wants to tell them" has meaning, it's right there. For years, conservatives have scoffed at the absurdity of wealthy, white liberals putting around town in their Prius with a "Coexist" bumper sticker affixed to the back window. It's not much of a courageous statement to passively lecture people who are already content coexisting about how they should "coexist."

The answer to deprogramming pro-Hamas Westerners may be to do nothing more than expose them to what Hamas says about itself rather than how an overpaid intellectual describes them in the abstract. What can we expect when that happens? Maybe more of this:

If you're looking to speak truth to power, drive that Prius around the streets of Riyadh or Kabul. Radicalized Arab Muslims like those governing Gaza are the least tolerant and open-minded people on the planet. For all the jokes that sophisticated liberals love to make about the parallels between Hamas and American politicians they deem "Christian nationalists," there is no reasonable comparison to be made. None.

But one reason that, despite the stupidity, it's so common to see crowds of activists champion groups like Hamas (and the Palestinians who elected such murderous savages to lead them) these days is because of the ingrained Marxism that permeates our culture.

I know that screaming Marxist has become a bit of a meaningless pejorative in some corners of the right. But Marxism is a real thing and the philosophy is ubiquitous throughout academia. Sophisticated thinkers in tweed jackets stand behind a lectern talking incessantly about the oppressor/oppressed power dynamic and effectively reshape worldviews accordingly. Their fruits are in our streets:

  • Israel has the power = Israel is the oppressor
  • Hamas is resisting the oppressor = Hamas has the moral high ground

What of the beheaded babies, raped women, and butchered elderly? How can civilian targets ever be justified as moral? Because they are part of the oppressor class, and violence against an oppressor is never improper.

So is there any hope to counter the brainwashing? Of course there's always hope. And maybe the strategy should be to avoid any and all attempts to convert a mob through group condemnation and accusation. Instead, speak specifically to specific people, drive the conversation away from theory and hypotheticals, and instead focus on known, core beliefs.

Hamas has a charter where they tell everyone what they believe. Hamas conducts public interviews like this where they illuminate their endgame consciously and deliberately:

The Apostle Paul tells us that God's moral law is written upon the heart of the Jew and Gentile so that men are without excuse. Many of our countrymen may have done a remarkable job of suppressing that moral law when it comes to the events currently transpiring in the Middle East.

But maybe removed of the corrupting influence of groupthink, there remains a basic humanity that can still see Hamas for what it is, and recognize they aren't the good guys.

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