Meet disgraced Bud Light’s new competition: Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right 100% Woke-Free Beer
· Apr 14, 2023 ·

Of course we're all too aware of the mistake Bud Light made in putting Dylan Mulvaney's face on its beer cans, which cost the company millions of dollars.

And apparently they're aware of it too. Execs at Anheuser Busch are apparently scrambling to undo the PR nightmare.

But the damage is done, and when a corporation makes a misstep this big, it leaves a vacuum in the market that competitors are only too happy to fill.

Sometimes that vacuum is so big that new companies get sucked into the game.

Enter Bud Light's newest competition: Seth Weathers's beer company Conservative Dad's Ultra Right.

And the new company seems to be blowing up. He claims his commercial has been viewed 20 million times, and he has the sales to match.

And the guy's got a sense of humor. He says,

"Ironically, I bought more Bud Light to make this ad than they've sold to anyone else this week."

Of course, the Left has responded in their usual happy-go-lucky way by sending him death threats.

How does the beer taste? Well, that's hardly important is it?

I mean, it is Bud Light he's replacing.

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