I'm a Michigander who just watched a household name get ousted by a Trump-backed outsider despite millions in support. Here's why this is huge for all of America.
· Aug 3, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Rep. Peter Meijer won his 2020 GOP primary with ease.

As the grandson of a beloved Midwestern superstore magnate, he had immediate name recognition. Adding to that was his military service in Iraq, his cool head, and his JFK-like demeanor.

In many ways, Meijer represents the old Republican regime, with its focus on stoicism (we need to be VERY serious, folks), its balance of social conservatism mixed with FDR-era liberalism, and an obsession with picking up Democratic ideas on how to derail the Constitution that were trendy 5 years ago.

In his first week in office, Meijer was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in what was clear political theater, adding salt to the wound of the most divisive election in modern history.

He went on to support Biden's spending plans, the passage of "red-flag" gun control legislation, a bill that would enshrine gay marriage into federal law, and other Democratic goals.

In the old days, these milquetoast Mitt-Romney types could merely keep their heads high and say – with a VERY serious face, mind you – that they were simply working to bridge the partisan divide that has consumed DC for too long. They would say they were the real champions – the ones who realized that everyone has a place at the table and that a level head and concessions are needed to make America work.

Such tactics would work. They could visit churches and tell the boomer conservatives that they disliked pre-born babies being chopped up and that they support God's definition of marriage, then quietly vote in favor of abortion and gay marriage laws in DC. They could tell their supporters that they were staunch defenders of the free market, then insert a bit of pork and barrel for their favorite corporate lobbyists to help them stymie their competition.

The Democrats were Coke and the Republicans were Diet Coke, but everyone scratched each other's back and the Swamp creatures got fatter.

This is why the media picked up on Meijer's ability to play the game and started promoting him following that DARKEST DAY IN AMERICAN HISTORY™ on January 6, 2021.

The problem is that the stoic boomer regime and all its pomp and circumstance is at an end.

It really started when that Orange Man came in and wrecked the good thing that the politicians had going with talk about inherent rights and the Constitution and laws and fair play and all that.

Love him or hate him, Trump was a guy who came to your house and smashed a hammer through the wall, which everyone was upset about until a few people noticed the walls were infested with termites.

He spun the end of the old regime into motion, destroying its reputation and its false aura of solemnity and competence.

Meijer's downfall last night after just one term is proof that the game has forever changed:


Peter Meijer is a princely figure in West Michigan. His family's name is on half the buildings, venues, and public works in the area.

His supporters donated millions to run ads every time my family turned on the TV. We received at least one piece of mail telling us how amazing he is (or how evil Gibbs is) every single day.

And yet, he lost.

I'm not the only one saying this is a huge deal.

There is a seismic shift happening in America right now. Trump is still the lightning rod, but it really isn't about him. It's about a new system that opposes the old one. People aren't sure how to tell friend from foe, but they do know that a Trump endorsement (generally) means you aren't a Swamp creature.

(Still not sure what was up with Dr. Oz...)

For too long, electing a "Republican" has been like appointing a Christian pastor to preach the Gospel and then listening to them go on and on about how amazing Islam and Buddhism are.

People are sick of it.

At least, I know I am!

Even more amazing were the number of Democrats who voted for Meijer (you have to vote straight-party in Michigan primaries, so this means they gave up their Democratic Party vote JUST to support Meijer).

Then you have Gibbs. From the state's capital of Lansing, he served as a missionary to Japan, a software engineer, and as an acting assistant secretary in the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Trump.

But those are just the boring résumé details.

The virtue-signaling Pharisees tell us we all need to be very serious about politics and can't have any fun, which is why one of the best ways to tell if someone is a Swamp creature is to poke fun at their golden calf of decorum and tradition.

And the way to mock their political idols is through dank memes and parody.

So, is John Gibbs' troll game strong?

I'll let you decide for yourself:

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