Mike Lindell says Fox News has CANCELED MyPillow and dropped their ads ahead of Iowa Caucus
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I'm not sure how many times one individual can be "canceled" but it looks like Lindell is going for the record.

Pillow salesman, 2020 election skeptic, and rabid Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell told Steve Bannon on Friday that Fox News has CANCELED all of the MyPillow ads on their network.

Watch him break the news in the interview:

[Brief language]

According to Lindell, Fox is turning down HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of advertising dollars to remove his commercials from the air.

Lindell believes that his support for Donald Trump and theories about the 2020 election may have played into the decision by Fox. Also, Lindell recently hired Lou Dobbs away from the network for his own network.

Yeah, I didn't know Lindell had his own news network either.

Lindell also mentions the Iowa Caucus which is just a few days away and how Fox may not want such a vocal Trump supporter taking up all their commercial time.

Lindell has confirmed the news to Newsweek as well:

While speaking with Newsweek on Friday, Lindell further confirmed that his MyPillow ads were removed from Fox News and the company will no longer air commercials from Lindell.

"This was on Wednesday. I spent a day wondering what to do," Lindell told Newsweek. "It's very, very disturbing news."

Lindell told Newsweek that his media team was told by Fox News that they'd no longer be running his ads. According to Lindell, the media team reached back out to Fox News asking for a reason why but they have not yet heard back.

Again, how many times can one man be canceled?

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