Milwaukee dog goes missing, is found at a bar having the time of his life
· Jan 29, 2024 ·

This is what Milwaukee's all about right here:

Some days you just need to escape that home life and belly up to the bar. And that's exactly what local 16-year-old shih tzu Bear did last Wednesday night.

His momma, Jenny Hazard, had let him and his siblings out into the yard. And, it being a relatively warm January day, Bear decided it'd be a nice evening for a little "me" time.

'It was kind of just getting dark. I was outside with all three dogs,' Hazard said.

One minute Bear was there - and the next …

'I am looking and where's Bear?' Hazard said.

The gate was cracked open - and Bear was nowhere to be found.

But where was Bear?

I'll assume he put on some headphones and cranked up the Mozart like dogs are known to do on winter days when they go out on unannounced walks. Eventually, he ran into a fine group of ladies who were out on the town looking for a watering hole. The ladies took him in, he presumably turned off the Mozart and gave them his full attention, and they made their way to Finks Bar on Milwaukee's Lower East Side.

By this time, Jenny Hazard was pretty nervous and even on the verge of tears, but then she received a text message.

'We get a text. They said - your dog is down at Finks. I'm like what? (laughs)' Hazard said …

A friend of a friend sent Hazard a photo of Bear having the time of his life at Finks Bar (1875 N. Humboldt Avenue) - a mile from home.

'They took good care of him, and I guess he was pretty popular,' Hazard said.

Here's that photo:

Mom would eventually drop by to pick up Bear, and I'm not sure, but I presume it took a whole lot of effort to pry that Pabst Blue Ribbon out of Bear's paws and get him out of there. I imagine he was cut off and presumably carried home where he passed out on the couch.

A little local news coverage of this because I know you want it:

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