MSNBC contributor compares expelled Democrats in Tennessee to Good Friday "when three were crucified" 🤦‍♂️
· Apr 7, 2023 ·

Well, when one of the Tennessee Democrats who was kicked out of state Congress compared himself to "Black Jesus" it shouldn't be a shock in the least that MSNBC contributors make the same blasphemous comparison.

"Reverend" Mark Johnson went on Joy Reid's show and proclaimed that the three Democrats facing expulsion in Tennessee's house were just like the three crucified on Good Friday.

You can watch the segment in its entirety here:

Here's what the reverend had to say:

For these Republicans in Tennessee to do this and for them to be so evangelical and as Bible-thumping as they are, to not realize the irony in trying to expel three on the eve of the day, tomorrow, when three were crucified, um simply for standing up for what is right and trying to end gun violence in this country...

This "reverend" is trying to accuse Republicans of being "fake Christians" because they are ironically "crucifying" three Democrats on the day before Good Friday.

Yeah, Rev, THEY are the ones who need to read their Bibles...

YOU would never twist scripture for your own political benefit...

The Rev was so proud of this analogy, he tweeted it out himself:

Reid was also joined by activist Brittney Packnett Cunningham who also decided to make a bizarre and tortured reference to the Easter holiday:

There's an understanding that we are in holy week, even though we are watching something deeply unholy happen. There's an understanding that a kind of Bible belt, Bible thumping mentality may be an opportunity to make an appeal. An appeal on grace, an appeal on so-called forgiveness.

But, personally, I don't feel there's any forgiveness necessary because nothing wrong was done. The only wrong done was the continued inaction and distraction that the Tennessee GOP has been pursuing during this hearing.

For the Left, there is no grace necessary, no forgiveness to be asked for, because in lefty world you can do your own insurrection as long as it's for the #RightSideOfHistory.

If the Right storms a building, it's the end of days. But when the Left does it, the insurrectionists are the equivalent of Christ himself.

What a joke.

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