Must read: Here's a megathread of all the hate the media and the elites spewed about the unvaxxed
· Jan 3, 2023 ·

Michael P. Senger, an attorney and author who has been on the cutting edge of questioning the state-mandated Covid narrative, posted this megathread which examines the demonization and hatred of those who were cautious about vaccination.

The memo got out, and the social contagion of hating the unvaccinated caught on. These were the results:

Medical discrimination, destruction of privacy, and hatred towards others became the flavor of the day. These are major media figures in major publications advocating for, as Senger highlights, crimes against humanity.

Speaking of crimes against humanity, here's James Corden singing a song to shame the unvaccinated.

Please forgive me.

(I'm so sorry you had to watch that.)

Continuing on:

All of this is beyond chilling. And instead of being a beacon for freedom, here is how the United States handled the vaccine:

And here's Canada:

The way the unvaccinated were shamed, hated, stigmatized, demonized, and treated as less than human is totally unconscionable.

Don't forget what they did. No amnesty.

Start the tribunals.

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