NBC affiliate employee fired after two decades of service for sharing "Straight Pride" meme
· Jun 14, 2024 · NottheBee.com

A 20-year employee of a Youngstown, Ohio, news station, Madonna Chism Pinkard, has been fired for sharing a meme to her personal Facebook page that encouraged people to celebrate "Straight Pride."

Here is the highly disturbing and offensive meme (viewer discretion is advised).


(In the leftist intersectional hierarchy, I guess gayness trumps blackness!)

After being attacked by a vicious mob on Facebook, Pinkard deleted the post and shared this:

I apologize for the post that offended one of our viewers. I have removed it.

The news station quickly issued a statement confirming she had been fired and apologized:

WFMJ has terminated the employment of our Community Relations Director following her unauthorized post on a company-linked social media site last week.

WFMJ is committed to serving our entire community with the respect we believe all people deserve. We recognize we live in a diverse community with differing views on many topics, and we believe discussions of those views and reporting on them should be done in a respectful manner by all. We deeply regret that our Community Relations Director crossed the line.

We do not condone such actions and apologize to you, our viewers, for this unauthorized post.

Pinkard shared this meme to her personal Facebook page, according to a local report. It appears the reason WFMJ claimed it was a "company-linked social media site" is because she used the WFMJ logo as her profile picture.

Many on the internet responded:

Here's hoping she sues the pants off these clowns and retires in luxury.

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