New surgery provides trans patients with either NO genitalia or BOTH male and female ๐Ÿ˜ถ
ยท Nov 19, 2022 ยท

As if the non-binary crowd couldn't get any more strange and unnatural, this new surgery highlighted in a recent Vice article has taken things to another level.

According to Vice:

Across the gender spectrum, some patients are looking for mixed sets of genitals, or none at all.

Gender identity has become a fashion.

It's basically just like going to the mall and picking out an outfit for a night out. You know, depending on how you're feeling that day.

But in reality, it's genital mutilation.

The Vice article tells the stories of four non-binary people and "their experiences with individually customizable genital surgeries that affirmed their gender identities."

The newest (and ethically questionable) trend in the trans/non-binary-affirming surgery world turns their patients into either Barbie and Ken dolls or hermaphrodites (which used to be seen as an extremely unfortunate medical condition).

These gender-affirming surgeries will either smooth out one's bathing suit area to create a featureless, sexless appearance, OR they get really creative by preserving the existing genitalia while constructing and throwing in the genitals of the opposite sex.

Now, mentally unstable people everywhere can either look and truly feel genderless, or they can be as greedy as they want by having one of each!

One of the umm... "customized" hermaphrodites was Hyde Goltz, a female mortuary student in Minnesota who found a wacko surgeon to perform a "vagina-preserving phalloplasty," which is a surgery that involves the creation of a phallus while keeping the vagina.

This procedure obviously comes with an extremely high complication rate.

To all our horror, the "bigenital anatomy" (having both a penis and vagina) trend is a growing online community.

They call themselves "Salmacians."

Salmacian is a term for people who wish to have a mixed genital set. This usually means wanting one's body to have both a penis and a vagina, though not always. Most Salmacian people are queer, but anyone, of any gender or orientation can be Salmacian.

Why are there people who want this? Every person is individual and distinct. Reasons and desires vary wildly. For some, a mixed genital set can be a source of gender affirmation or nonconformity. Others may want new genitalia while avoiding the hassle and risk of removing their natal genitalia. For those seeking to maintain fertility it also presents an appealing alternative to the often sterilizing genital alteration options. There are many, many reasons that include everyone from those who simply want a broader array of options during sexual activity, to those who experience severe dysphoria from their missing body parts.

The movement has two flags. I guess they just have trouble deciding.

Interestingly, the backlash towards the group comes largely from the trans community.

Goltz says she's been harassed online and received messages telling her she's "making a mockery" of the community by "only going halfway."

They described a torrent of derogatory comments from self-proclaimed "trans-medicalists" โ€” those who believe transness is contingent upon a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and a full medical transition. "That was the hardest hate mail to take โ€” other trans people saying, โ€˜No, you're doing it wrong,'" Goltz said.

I mean, they're definitely doing it all very, very wrong.

Vice also tells us Mels' story, a 34-year-old office manager in Delaware, whose surgical goals were "a full gender nullification procedure - a wholly smooth exterior."

So, he had an orchiectomy which removed his penis and testicles.

I wish these people could see what they are doing is sick and twisted and will impact their lives forever.

Why can't they just go to the mall and pick out a new outfit... ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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