New Zealand PM says "There was no compulsory vaccination. People made their own choices." We have the receipts, pal.
ยท Sep 4, 2023 ยท

The next step for the tyrants was always to say that you had a choice.

"You've always had a choice and we've always been at war with Eastasia."

The heck do you keep electing these people, New Zealand??

Let's go through some history with Chris Hipkins' predecessor. Here is a direct quote from former PM Jacinda Ardern:

So long as there's people who are eligible who haven't been vaccinated, we've got work to do.

I don't think I'll ever be satisfied as long as there's someone who's choos[ing] โ€” who, who is eligible and hasn't been.

Ah, says Hipkins with his manly lei around his neck, but that was just her opinion.

Okay, then what about the actual policy that required people who wanted to [checks notes] keep their jobs to get the vax so they weren't destitute and their children didn't starve?

Workers at businesses where vaccine passports are required will have four weeks to get the jab - or risk losing their jobs.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday announced a sweeping vaccine mandate in businesses in the hospitality sector, and others including gyms, barbers, and hairdressers where customers are expected to have vaccine certificates.

Ardern and Workplace Relations Minister Michael Wood set out more details on when vaccine mandates can apply, following the announcement of the Government's new "traffic-light" system once the country has reached a double vaccination rate of 90 per cent. The system relies heavily on vaccination certificates.

Anyone who refused would be fired.

Let's look up some synonyms of "compulsory" real quick:

Notice that word "mandatory"?

That's the adjective for "mandate," a word that comes from the Latin "manus" (hand) and means "to give into one's hand," indicating authority over a matter.

Sine the early 19th century, this word "mandate" has had the sense of "obligatory because commanded" and has been understood that way by anyone who speaks English.

Compulsory (literally "with drive or force") is a shade more aggressive of a word, but it means essentially the same thing. Sure the government didn't hold you down and jab you, but there was still a forced vaccine that people had to take in order to feed their children and pay their mortgage.

Ardern said the new mandate was "absolutely not" a government overreach. She said the mandate extended the government's assessment of ensuring all high-risk areas are vaccinated.

Ardern spelled it out very clearly in a press conference where a journalist asked her if her policies were creating a two-tiered society where the unvaxxed have no rights and she said, quote, "That is what it is."

Using the weight of government force caused 95% of the country to be vaccinated by mid-2022.

Yet the new PM says "there was no compulsory vaccination."

And if there was no mandate, then why was there a need to drop the mandate?

From 4 April, vaccine passes will no longer be needed to get into shops and venues, and vaccine mandates will be dropped for workers in education, police and the defence force. Those working in health, corrections, aged care and at the border will still need to be vaccinated to work.

I guess all these dummies took time out of their schedules to shout "FREEDOM" in the streets for no reason at all.

See, it wasn't compulsory, but you had to choose between being a despised, penniless hermit with no access to society or going about your life like normal.

What a "choice" that was!

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