News anchor tries to give John Fetterman a chance to fix his awful answer on fracking from last week's debate, somehow Fetterman gives an even more confusing answer
· Nov 2, 2022 ·

John Fetterman is maybe the worst candidate of all the Democrats running this time around and he proved it during his debate last week against TV personality and Republican candidate Dr. Oz.

The media in Pennsylvania is working overtime to throw Fetterman a lifeline – anything to help the Dems win. This news anchor asked the Democratic candidate if he could explain his awful response the week before and played the exact clip he was talking about.

Fetterman was STILL unable to give even a slightly coherent answer.

This is even worse, however, because he wasn't caught off guard. This was an interview, they played the clip, he's had a week to think about it, and he had the entire clip to think of an answer.

And this is the answer he gave:

No, I — I believe that, that my support of fracking has always been, been one that — in the past with some of the environmental concerns.

What in the world?

How could Pennsylvania elect this dude senator?

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