Nothing To See Here, Just The Prime Minister Of Canada Dehumanizing Non-Vaccinated Citizens As "Those People"
· Sep 1, 2021 ·

The attitude toward the non-vaxxed from those in positions of authority just gets wilder and more extreme.

A prime example of this is Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Just listen to his derogatory tone and the words used to describe those who are vaccine-hesitant in Canada:

Speaking about the anti-vaccine protesters, Trudeau called the group a danger to society.

"Not only are they wrong. They are putting at risk their kids, and they are putting at risk our kids."

This is, as we all know, ridiculous. Children are at almost no danger from Covid-19 and to use them as an excuse to promote bad policy is disgusting.

The policy Trudeau is discussing in this case would prevent unvaccinated individuals from trains and planes inside Canada. Completely shutting off an entire portion of society, discriminating against them for their medical decisions.

Trudeau goes on to describe his pro-vaccine programs and his government paying for privileges that will be bestowed upon those who get the jab. Not only is he in favor of excluding the unvaxxed, he is giving special privileges to the vaxxed.

Then Trudeau goes on to talk about "those people" when referring to those who haven't gotten the shot.

"Everyone need to get vaccinated. And those people are putting us all at risk...

"...Talking about personal choice? What about my choice to keep my kid safe? What about our choices to make sure we are getting through this pandemic as quickly as we can? That's the choice we've all made."

Trudeau lays out his philosophy clearly. It's Us vs. Them.

Those people as Trudeau refers to them, only care about themselves. They're putting everyone else in danger. They're putting children in danger. They are outside of "Canadian society" according to Trudeau.

Trudeau condemns his opponent, Erin O'Toole, saying he sides with the radical anti-vaxxers. He's in favor of "personal choice."

He is so afraid of people making their own personal health decisions.

Apparently, Justin Trudeau thinks his vax won't work unless everyone else gets vaxxed too. Which really just sounds like you don't think the vax works.

More than once, Trudeau uses the phrase "those people" and "them" to condemn the vaccine hesitant, whom he derogatorily calls "anti-vaxxers". He's drawing a clear parallel, either you're a good Canadian, or you're an anti-scientific other who belongs outside of polite society.

Bet it won't be long until there are more stiff punishments for the unvaccinated. First in Canada, but before long it'll be in a town near you.

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