Politico just accused Republicans of spreading "baseless conspiracies" about Paul Pelosi... because they repeated a report from Politico
· Nov 1, 2022 · NottheBee.com

This is one of the most amazing examples of how the corporate media works in today's day and age.

Right-wing pundits on Twitter have been skewered for peddling "false" "misleading" and "baseless" information about the Paul Pelosi case. The problem, however, with that mainstream media claim is that Republicans are simply reading mainstream stories.

Case in point: Politico

Right, so here is Politico's original report:

Politico reports that an unknown person opened the door to the residence.

Republicans began talking about this unknown person BECAUSE that's what Politico reported.


But because the people on the right read it and spread it, it's now a baseless claim.

Maybe Politico got it wrong, but if that's the case THEY should be the ones apologizing for the bogus claim. THEY should be retracting the claim.

THEY are the fake news here.

It's not their fault for publishing a wrong report, it's Republicans' fault for believing them.

That's the argument here.

They can publish fake news all they want, no consequences, but if Republicans report the SAME NEWS then they're accused of peddling false information.

That's a heck of a game they've got going on there.

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